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The Birth Story Project

The Birth Story Project began as a collaborative effort between Sista Midwife and High Heal Productions. What began as an idea to create a safe space for black women and to bring together our stories has turned into a movement.


What is The Birth Story Project? 

The Birth Story Project (BSP) was launched in June 2018 with a goal to document the lived experiences of Black mothers in Louisiana. Using a “sister circle” model, women gathered to share their birth stories.

The circles served as a safe space for them to comfortably share and discuss their experiences surrounding birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting. After hosting circles for over 2 years, we launched an anonymous online survey to create a larger impact.

Take the Survey

The Birth Story Project online survey is a web based, anonymous survey created to capture the birth experiences of anyone who has given birth in Louisiana regardless of race. It is designed to gather indebt information about birth setting, providers, birth choices, interventions and more. It incorporates questions about mothers’ feelings on respect and autonomy during pregnancy and birth.


The data compiled from The Birth Story Project online survey will be used to amplify the voices of Women state-wide, sparking systemic improvement and promoting self-awareness and accountability among healthcare providers.

Have you given birth in Louisiana? Take the survey today!!

The current survey has been closed. Stay tuned for updates! 

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