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Who We Are

Sista Midwife Productions (SMP) is a birth advocacy training and consulting agency. We create educational events for communities, birth workers, and organizations that work with childbearing families. 

Our Mission is simple: To Make Birth Better.  

Our Vision is to create a paradigm shift in the ways individuals and communities think about conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

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Become an SMP Birth Sister/Doula

Since 2013 we have been training and supporting doulas nationwide! Our training is taught by Nicole Deggins, a Certified Nurse Midwife and experienced labor nurse with 30 years of experience working with birthing families. Our training is full of insight and wisdom obtained while working directly on “the inside”. Based on the model of the community health worker, the SMP Community Birth Sister (doula) Training takes a multicultural approach and centers the experiences of black women.  

Our Founder

Nicole Deggins CNM, MSN, MPH, is a certified nurse midwife, birth advocate, black doula trainer, and community educator named The Midwife Shifting the Narrative by ESSENCE Magazine.  With nearly 30 years of maternal child health experience Nicole is a dedicated leader, mentor, and consultant and actively supports efforts to increase the numbers of Black midwives, doulas, and birth advocates. 


After nearly twenty years working across the country as a labor nurse and midwife, Nicole started Sista Midwife Productions with a goal to improve community education about birth options.  Over the years, in every location where she worked, she witnessed pain, anxiety, and misinformation. She was deeply moved by the reality that families were suffering immensely, during a time that was supposed to be filled with joy and love. She wanted to be a catalyst for shifting birth back towards the beautiful, transformational experience she knew it could be. With this foundation and vision, Sista Midwife Productions was born. 

Nicole Deggins - Sista Midwife Productions

Support The Revolution

"Thank you so much for creating the Sista Midwife Directory. It has truly been life changinge for me... and the clients who find me there. Thank you for all that you do!!!"

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